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Teenagers Can Be Humbling

I guess I don’t wear makeup often enough. Despite having learned professional techniques at modeling school when I was fifteen, I don’t apply makeup as part of my morning routine. Usually it’s because I’m not awake before coffee or I get distracted and run out of time.

We were headed to Reno for Nevada Wolf Pack’s Homecoming. It’s been twenty years since we were students there and when I run into fellow alumni I want them to be under the illusion that I’ve aged well. So I put on makeup. I applied foundation and instead of the usual beige I swiped navy eyeshadow across my eyelids. A little black eyeliner and actual lipstick and I was ready to roll.

When we dropped the dog off at my in-laws my teenage son noticed my eyes looked different. Yeah, I’m wearing makeup. No, the color of my eyes were different. That’s kind of the point. To accentuate ones features.

Then he said it looks like I have a black eye.

Guess I’ll need some sunglasses.