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Oh Wait, Valentine’s Day Is This Weekend?

It’s Valentine’s Day weekend. As a Romance author, I should be all about the holiday, right?

Not so much. I love romance, but not the generic, forced upon us kind they start selling the day after Christmas. Seriously, just because cheap chocolates are put in a heart shaped box, doesn’t make them taste better. If I’m going to have chocolate, it should melt in my mouth, be dark, smooth, and go with red wine. And in our house, it shouldn’t be processed in a facility that also processes nuts. So we’re usually left with Guittard Brand chocolate chips. They’re good, but instead of a red or pink box, they come in a gold bag. Sometimes they even go on sale.

As for flowers. Well, I’m not a huge fan of the standard dozen red roses. I mean, they sell them on practically every street corner on Valentine’s Day. A guy doesn’t even have to get out of his car. Gee, I feel so special.

No. The flowers that mean something to me are the ones my husband ordered that are made out of baseball leather and have the titles of my books printed on them. I’m also pretty proud of the roses I got from my RWA chapter for each book I’ve sold. My husband put them in a vase with baseballs for my More Than A Game series, and he put river rocks in a vase for the three book Swift River Romance Series, the first book should be out this July.


As for jewelry, well, the besides my wedding ring, I’m just not into jewelry. Unless you count the bracelet my husband got me, also made out of baseball leather. And when we were dating, he bought me a life jacket long before diamonds. But in many ways it was more romantic than something he could pick up at a jewelry store. It showed me that he wanted to take care of me, and he wanted to involve me in an important part of his life. He bought me a new life jacket for our 21st anniversary.

20131225_164956935_iOS  20140523_140213439_iOS

For me, I think the most romantic gestures are personal. Not what everyone else is getting. I’d rather have a single daffodil picked from our yard than a dozen red roses ordered online or picked up at the supermarket along with milk, bread, and paper towels. Although, if he stops to get the milk, so I don’t have to, that’s nice too. But while he’s there, he might as well grab a bottle of wine. That’s one traditionally romantic think I can get on board with. Especially if it’s from one of my favorite local wineries.



Author of Contemporary Romance. Wife. Mother. Educator. Sports fan. And I once trained to be a model, but I don't look like one. Most days I don't even wear makeup.

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