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Technology. Love It. Hate It. Can’t Live Without It.

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For the Labor Day Weekend, I was trying to get offline and seriously dig into my WIP which has been more discouraging that the Giants these last few weeks.

I couldn’t disconnect completely since my husband and youngest son were on a backpacking trip and I needed to be reached should something go wrong. Such as leaving the tent instructions behind. I was able to scan and email the instructions and with the wonders of technology, he was able to create shelter. Yay, technology.

Sometimes I love being able to follow the game, check in on Facebook, or reply to an important email when I’m far away from home. I mean, I followed Chris Heston’s No-hitter from the patio of one of my favorite Mexican restaurants. I “saw” Buster Posey’s Grand Slam in the playoffs in 2012 while I was on my lunch break at school. And when I got ‘the call’ or rather the e-mail from my first editor saying she wanted to offer me a book contract, I read it on my phone and was able to run out and catch my husband in the driveway and show it to him, just to make sure I was reading it correctly.

Technology is great. Until it doesn’t work.

Like when you spill a cup of coffee on your laptop.

I was able to quickly back up my WIP, the one I’d finally started to make headway on, before the computer shut down and started making an annoyingly loud warning noise when I tried to restart it. I tried three times before I even got a glimmer of hope. Then it made it to 75% system recovery before shutting down again and not coming back on.

Okay. I guess it’s been a good four years with my trusty old Toshiba. The only problem I had was when it wouldn’t print Giants tickets so I tried restarting and it never came back on. I had to print the tickets from my phone. But at least I still had a month left on my extended service plan. So it was all good. Until recently when I updated to Windows 10 and it started shutting down randomly and I had to pull up my WIP from the document recovery.

So, I made the trip to Best Buy. Not what I’d planned for my holiday. I was planning on getting words on the page.

Anyway, I found a newer Toshiba. The kind that also works as a tablet. Okay, cool. It’s also lighter than my older model, and the battery should last a lot longer.

It was pretty busy so I didn’t get to ask all the questions I should have.

Like how to turn it on once I got home.

I took it out of the box, followed the quick start instructions. The ones that said, assemble the charging cord, plug it in, and your laptop will be ready for use.

Except nothing happened. No little power indicator lights. Nothing. I looked around the keyboard for an on button. Nothing. Okay. Maybe they stopped putting them on since people don’t actually turn off their computers anymore. I looked at the instructions once again, and nothing useful. I tried a different outlet. The old cord. Nothing.

So I called the Geek Squad. I told him my problem and he suggested bringing it back to the store.

The nice customer service representative took my laptop out of the box, tried to turn it on, and when she couldn’t get it to do anything went back to get another one.

She plugged in the new computer, nothing happened. She pressed the buttons on the side, the ones for volume and I don’t quite know what else. She looked around, as if searching for someone who might know more than she did. Then she touched the other side. The light came on. She pulled the old “damaged” laptop out of the box and pushed the super secret button on the side. The one that looks a lot like a headphone jack when it’s not turned on.

Lo and behold, the computer turned on.

We both felt a little stupid.

But at least I had a working laptop.

I had a picture of the super secret power button, but, you know, technology. I couldn’t get it to load off my phone to my one drive.



Author of Contemporary Romance. Wife. Mother. Educator. Sports fan. And I once trained to be a model, but I don't look like one. Most days I don't even wear makeup.

2 thoughts on “Technology. Love It. Hate It. Can’t Live Without It.

  1. Wel that’s one way to spend a holiday. At least you accomplished what you set out to do. I’ve had days where I spend all that time, running around, frustration, and still not have the problem fixed. All in all, I’d say a good day.

    No back to the WIP.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt


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