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Downsizing Christmas


It started the day after Halloween when I saw my first freshly cut Christmas tree tied to the roof of a car. I became a scrooge. I did not want to even think about Christmas. Actually, I love Christmas. I love the time with family. The singing. Watching classic holiday movies. The lights. Getting a tree. The story of Christmas itself.

It’s the Christmas shopping I hate.

Starting November 1, I was bombarded with messages about Black Friday sales and emails about one day only deals. The debates over whether or not stores should be open on Thanksgiving. The constant barrage of advertising for things I have no intention of buying, diamonds, a fancy new car, razors. Why is it that women are supposed to want diamonds and the guys get a new disposable razor? I’ve never been able to figure that out. My husband and teenage son each have an electric razor, and my 12-year-old doesn’t need one. Yet.

My teenager has a car, so his stocking will be filled with gas cards, car care products, and maybe a gift card to Taco Bell or In N Out. I’m debating getting each of the boys two of their own towels, so the rest of us don’t have to hunt for all the towels wadded up and used only once in each of the boys’ rooms.

The twelve-year-old? I have no idea what to get for him. He’s outgrown most toys and he has too many video games as it is. He likes to draw, but he already has tons of markers and posterboard. There may be more of the same under the tree.

The thing is, I don’t want to buy any more presents that get tossed aside in the race to open the next gift only to go unopened or unused. I don’t want to have to find a place for thoughtful, yet unnecessary doodads.

I want to give gifts that people will enjoy. And even use. I would rather give less things and more experiences. My boys will be spending a lot of time on the slopes this winter. The boys will be racing and my husband will be coaching the ski team. They’re going to have a great time. I’d like to get them something that will enhance their experience.

I guess I should start shopping.



Author of Contemporary Romance. Wife. Mother. Educator. Sports fan. And I once trained to be a model, but I don't look like one. Most days I don't even wear makeup.

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