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Road Trips

The San Francisco Giants started a long road trip with a three game sweep of the Atlanta Braves. I went on a two and a half road trip with my family and the El Dorado High School Ski & Board team.


Sixteen years ago, the Giants were also in Atlanta, and on May 3, 1998, they faced Tom Glavine. He was always tough on the Giants, and as he was recently inducted into the Hall of Fame, one of the best pitchers of his era. But I woke up that morning knowing it was going to be a special day. Sure enough, behind Rich Aurelia’s two home runs,  a solid start by Danny Darwin, and a Save by Robb Nen, the Giants were victorious. Then it was time for me to go to the hospital to give birth to my first child. Yes, I waited until the game was over before heading to the delivery room. I had gone to Opening Day three weeks before, hoping to go into labor during the game, but my son had other plans.

This was the first year since he was five that he didn’t have a baseball game on his birthday. He’s moved on to football, skiing, and golf. He was supposed to go to a ski camp last weekend, but a late season storm forced them to move the camp to his birthday weekend.

His dad was on the ski team when he went to the same high school. It’s been great seeing him relive his glory days and contribute to the next generation by assisting the coaching staff. We took the whole family and one other skier down to Mammoth, CA. A four hour drive down the eastern Sierra was made more interesting by the conversation between my 16-year-old, his 11-year-old brother and the Senior who drove down with us. They discussed everything from video games, ancient civilizations, whitewater rafting, and music.

After having to detour over Spooner Summit when we discovered Nevada State Route 207 was closed, we met up with the others in Minden, NV. We made good time the rest of the way, getting there around nine. Since the directions to our condo were coming from the South, we put the address into our phone, but Siri took us the wrong direction. We drove around trying to find the street, but the carved wood street signs, while quaint and rustic, were hard to read in the dark. Making the third trip around the block, we came upon a rather large bear. I tried to get a picture, but I worried the flash would spook him and he’d come charging toward our car. We decided it would be better to take the teenagers to their condo and we’d try to figure out where we were staying from there.

By following the e-mailed directions, we found our condo, on the opposite side of the main street than Siri tried to take us. Earlier that day we were making fun of people who didn’t know how to read maps and relied solely on their phones to find places.

For two days, the teenager and his dad spent the mornings learning how to race slalom and then they had some free skiing in the afternoons. My younger son joined them on Sunday and he got to race the course right next to where the Team USA was training. I worked on revision of the next book, hopefully Book Three, and listened to the baseball games on my phone. For some reason, being halfway between the Giants and Dodgers stadiums, the only game I could find on TV was between the Detroit Tigers and Kansas City Royals.

Saturday was my son’s 16th birthday, so while he was skiing, I baked his birthday cake. I’d packed the cake pans, batter bowl, mixer, and I’d even remembered the parchment paper to line the cake pans. What I didn’t bring was something to put the cake on. So I had to go back into to town looking for a cake plate or something to place the layer cake on.

It was great weekend.

Here are some pictures my husband took on the mountain.






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2 thoughts on “Road Trips

  1. Sounds like a real adventure. Glad everything worked out well in the end, though I’m not sure how you can edit and listen to baseball at the same time.

    Welcome home.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt


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