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Starting The Year Off With A Challenge

After sleeping in and spending most of the morning lounging around, my family decided to take a short hike. The weather was beautiful, and I’m trying really hard to appreciate the sunshine and not worry about the lack of rain.

We drove about fifteen minutes to the Cosumnes River where a lot of people like to go rock climbing. We parked on the side of the road and took a short hike down a rather steep trail. Again, I was trying to enjoy the moment and not think about how much steeper it would be coming back up.

My sons trotted off ahead of us. And I tried not to look when they stood on the side of a cliff. Because that’s what they do.

Andy's pictures 503

But they love the outdoors and we’re pretty lucky to have so many spectacular places to explore nearby.

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The boys headed down the water. Climbing over boulders and under giant rocks. My youngest son only got stuck once. My husband invited me to join them, which meant having to go “bouldering” which is like rock climbing only with no ropes. A couple of spots were pretty difficult. My legs aren’t as long as my husband’s and my fear kept getting in the way.

It was a long way down in a few places. And I’m pretty sure the water was cold.

Andy's pictures 542

Inviting on a hot summer day, but not so much in January even if it was almost seventy degrees out.

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It was worth the hike. Even if my legs were shaking, more from not being sure if I could get back once I got out there than from actual exertion. Although there were a few spots where I had to stretch myself physically.

Oh and I’m pretty sure I found gold but had no way of bringing it with me.

Not a bad way to start the year. I hope the new year holds many more challenges and that I will be able to overcome them. Sometimes I’ll need a helping hand and sometimes I’ll just need to take the leap.



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4 thoughts on “Starting The Year Off With A Challenge

  1. Wow, it looks so exotic to me. We don’t have boulders in Louisiana and hikes are more like walks 🙂 Looks like an adventurous day and much more fun than my walk around the neighborhood. Enjoy that sunshine and I’ll hope you see some rain soon.


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