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Christmas Memories


Shopping done. I think. Presents wrapped, except the ones I still have to make. And another Christmas Eve is here. Now I just need to sit back and reflect on Christmases past. After I put away the wrapping paper and the laundry. Why can’t Christmas be a laundry-free day?

I still remember my oldest son’s first Christmas. Boy, was that fun. We had more fun shopping for the toys than he had playing with them. I do remember the big gift was a car shaped walker thingy. He didn’t play with it very long, because he started walking for real at 8 or 9 months. What were we thinking?

Then when he was a little older we went overboard. He actually asked if he had to open any more presents. We made him open all of them. Again, what were we thinking?

Every year we say we’re not going to go overboard. And then we do. This year the kids (and my husband) got ski passes so not a lot to wrap. Except for all the stuff I just wrapped. Mostly clothes for my teenager. Sorry, kid, I know you’d like a new laptop. But you’ll have to share with your brother for a while.

When we were first married, we had a cat from hell. Her name was Luci. Short for Lucifer. She would attack our ankles and just bite down. Hard. Someone suggested we squirt her with a water bottle. She just got used to being squirted and liked water so much she’d jump in the shower and bite our ankles. Being newlyweds and recent college grads, we didn’t have a lot of money at the time. We made most of our gifts that year. Which was a good thing because our cat got really sick Christmas Eve. We took her to the vet and they thought she had a bowel obstruction. It turned out she swallowed some Christmas ribbon and it wrapped around her tongue and intestines. We  had to spend $500 for an unsuccessful emergency surgery on a cat we didn’t even like. At least she was no longer in pain. And we no longer use ribbon. Stick on bows for this family.

Strangely, one of my best Christmas memories was the year I spent Christmas alone. It was my first year of college and even though I had the day off, I couldn’t go home to Tahoe because of a storm. The roads were too icy and my little Celica didn’t do well in the snow. So my friend Sandy took me down to the corner drugstore, whatever it was before it was the Rite Aid, and we threw a tree in the back of her convertible. I decorated it with things I had on hand, including a Little Mermaid Happy Meal toy I glued a ribbon on. I listened to Christmas music until I couldn’t stand any more Christmas music and I read. I don’t think I had cable at the time, so I probably didn’t watch too much TV. I was between roommates and I got through it. Totally on my own. I survived. It was the last Christmas before I met my husband.

So what are some of your most memorable Christmases?



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