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Hard Work Does Pay Off

Tuesday night was my son’s JV Football banquet and awards presentation. After an up and down season, both for the team and my son, it was a bittersweet goodbye. The team finished 5-5, which is pretty good considering we often play up a division or two due to various factors I won’t go into, mostly because I don’t have a clue as to how the schedules are made up and since I can’t do anything to change it, I’ll move on.

My son went from hardly playing last year on the Freshman team, to being a starting Linebacker and one of the JV Captains. He earned his spot in part by participating in every offseason workout, extra skills training and camp he could. I think he missed one or two Muscle Works sessions due to band and a week of pre-season conditioning because he was at a fine arts camp.

He played hard and improved over the course of the season until he was injured in practice. He missed three weeks with a concussion. The length of time had less to do with the severity of the injury and more to do with having to go through the much more stringent testing procedures required for medical clearance.

There were a few days where we weren’t sure if he’d return to play or if we should let him. We ultimately left the decision up to the doctors.

He loves football. He’s worked so hard this season and in the offseason. He’s always one of the first on the field and the last one off. The first kid to help with equipment and he takes his game very seriously. Last year was his first year of tackle football. He played three years of flag football in Middle School, but before that he never even watched it on TV.

So I was a little surprised, but very proud when his name was called for the Coach’s Award for the player who best exemplifies Cougar Football.


He worked hard and was rewarded for his dedication, commitment and attitude. All the things that seem to get lost in stats and records and scoreboards. But these are the reasons we encourage him to play sports. And the reasons we enjoy watching.




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