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What? It’s Monday Already?

Weekends always fly by too fast. But this was a particularly good one.

After making my acting debut as part of our elementary school staff skit, my husband took me out for a much needed date night. Our two boys, almost 15 and 10, enthusiastically encouraged us to leave them home while we went to dinner. We usually take the kids along on most of our dates. We’ve even brought them to fundraiser dinners, both to get them involved in our community and because we were unable to sell the other two tickets issued to us. So this was a nice change. We went to a fairly new, but popular restaurant downtown. The food is great, the atmosphere perfect for us. It’s nice enough to go there on a date, but casual enough to bring the kids. Plus they have a good microbrew selection and big screen TV’s. We went early, so my Giants game wasn’t on yet. Yes, I’m the one who insists we watch the game.

We then took a walk down to the end of Main Street. We live in a historical mining town in Northern California. Home of the oldest continuously operating hardware store west of the Mississippi. We ran into a few people we knew, and as we were walking down one side of the street, a student from my school saw me and called out from the other side of the street, “Nice STAR skit!”  Our performance was the kickoff for the annual state testing, a way to remind kids to take the test seriously, but not too seriously. There were parts reminding them of eating a healthy breakfast, getting a good night’s sleep and remembering that they have been working hard all year in their classes and this test is just one way to measure what they’ve learned.

On Saturday, my younger son had a baseball game. We’ve been spending our spring and summer Saturdays at Little League games for eleven years now. The older boy is really into it, but this may be the younger one’s last year. He has fun while he’s out there, but he’s never the first one out of the dugout, unless it’s to head to the snack bar for his post-game Skittles.

Sunday was a makeup game for the oldest boy’s team. A few weeks ago we were rained out, but we’ve had temperatures in the 80’s for the last week or so. It’s like we went from winter straight into summer. Since it wasn’t on the schedule, some of the kids couldn’t make it. So my son started the game as catcher. He’s only played that position once since t-ball. But he caught a pretty good game, only a few passed balls on pitches in the dirt. He was moved to right field and he doubled up the runner on a deep fly ball. He’s a natural outfielder, with a good range and a strong arm. But then he was put in at pitcher. His team trailed 4-3. He pitched three innings of scoreless relief and was the winning pitcher when they came back in the top of the seventh. They ended up winning 8-4. He was awarded the game ball. Yeah, I was one proud mama.

We finished the weekend with homemade orange chicken. My youngest son is allergic to nuts and sesame, so if we want Chinese food, it’s up to me to make it.

As we head into another week, what are you most looking forward to next weekend?



Author of Contemporary Romance. Wife. Mother. Educator. Sports fan. And I once trained to be a model, but I don't look like one. Most days I don't even wear makeup.

2 thoughts on “What? It’s Monday Already?

  1. This past weekend, I was going to do a Firewise certification workshop, but decided I just needed to do something fun! So we I went grocery shopping with a friend (not so fun shopping, but good conversation with the friend). Then we made 37 laulau and had dinner together with my husband and another friend. A lot more fun then the Firewise certification class. This weekend we’ll be doing something for Mother’s day with our moms. We live on different islands, so it’s not usual that we do anything with them. This year we decided we should. The boy is off to college in AZ and we’re alone. We’re going to a fundraiser brunch on Saturday with my mom (she’s 84) and my mother in law (she’s 82). Should be fun. Good food and good entertainment!


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